Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buchanan Wrestling

For the second time since I was in high school, the wrestling team I spent three seasons as a whipping boy for is in national news. The first time was when two fairly talented former wrestlers from my high school class were blown up by the same bomb. Now, one member of the team is pressing sexual assault charges against another member of the team for a move he did during a practice.

Unless things have gone way down hill since I was there, or this particular wrestler was going way beyond anything I ever saw(which from the description I doubt), I am inclined to think the freshman needs to take up chess. It is a full contact sport, and one where very limited numbers of moves are off limits. Many things done on wrestling mats would very clearly get you an assault charge if done on the street. So what? Within a week you know exactly what you are in for, if it isn't for you than just stop going to practice.

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