Sunday, July 25, 2010

An exciting election this fall...

I don't know if we really have a chance at passing proposition 19 in the fall. I also don't know if the Federal Government will continue to step all over the 10th amendment and block the effort even if we do pass it. This sure will be an exciting election though. As far as I can see the pro-legalization proponents are putting up a good fight, but it really will just come down to which side cares enough to show up to the polls. Clearly there are enough Californians who support this issue to pass the ballot measure. However I have no idea which side will manage to attract the most voters.

Anyways, the SF Gate has a pretty good article on the subject, as does the LA Times, San Jose Mercury News and The Economist.

One thing that worries me is that it does not seem to have gotten around just how conservative this bill is. It does not make it legal to smoke in public, does not alter driving under the influence laws, does not make it legal to sell or grow for sale in counties who do not allow it(although it does make it legal to transport it, and grow for personal use), so the final effect will be that it is only entirely legal in perhaps a dozen counties in the state. Maybe as few as two or three.

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