Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ranting old men

I was sitting in a hotel bar in palmdale. The holiday inn gave out complementary beer with the room, so I went to the bar and worked physics problems for a couple hours.

While I was there two old men came up to a nearby table. They started ranting about Obama. It started with talking about how having a socialist in office was going to kill medicare (how exactly a socialist is an enemy of a socialized medicine program I never quite got). Then they went on to talk about how he didn't care at all about the economy and was going to result in the economy continuing to decline. So far, I would disagree but at least it wasn't completely unreasonable. Then they started talking about the secret police that the health care bill created and how they were going to be spying on all Americans. Then they started talking about how Obama was almost inevitably going to declare martial law.

At this point things started sounding really familiar. I realized that every single thing they said about Obama, I had heard Hippies say about Bush. He is taking away our freedom! he is ruining health care! He is killing the economy! He is spying on Americans! He will declare Martial Law!

Can't Americans think up some new crazy conspiracy theories? it sounds pretty silly when both parties are convinced that the other party is going to do the exact same things.

We really do have a problem with telling the difference between someone who is wrong, and someone who is an evil genius bent on setting up an empire.

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