Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trapped in a walmart

Well, that may well be the most exciting thing I have ever done. I went to walmart because I needed a box to put live crabs into for tomorrow's White Elephant gift exchange. Anyways, since I learned I have the legal right to say no, I now refuse to show my reciept upon leaving. I have done this at least a half dozen times without event. So when asked this time I promptly said no thanks and kept walking.

This lady was having none of that. She got between me and the door and insisted that since I had no bag she had to see my reciept. I said something to the effect of "you have the legal right to ask for the reciept, but I have the legal right to say no. It is my reciept I won't show it to you." Now, clearly this had never happened to her, so we repeated what we said in different wording a few times. Then another two or three security people showed up. I repeated that I would not show them the reciept, that I had one but planned to keep it. One was smart, he asked what isle I checked out on, I answered, and he ran off to see the security camera. I waited twenty seconds, got bored, and asked if I was under arrest. She said no, so I said I was leaving. She blocked the door, so I slipped between her and the door. Now I was a step outside, only she was determined to not let me leave. So she grabbed my wrapping paper so I couldn't get out with it. Now I faced a quandry, I could pull it and leave but a clever cop could probably label that assault. So I stood there defiantly tooking at her two or three seconds trying to figure out my next move. Then the security guard who previously left to check the camera showed up again, I didn't see him but he must have waved me on. With a stunned look she let go of me. She was sure she caught a criminal, rather than just someone who was stubborn.

Saying no to people who think they are authorities is great fun. The danger is really there that the situation could go out of control though. There were about four people questioning me, all hyped up on adrenaline since they usually have a boring job. One worker trying to be a hero could really make for a rough day. Walmart has deep pockets though, someone throwing punches could probably pay for Makayla's college.

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