Friday, September 4, 2009

Gender Differences

One of the things I find the most baffling in the world is why so many feminists want so badly to believe that the sexes are identical. I see another attempt at trying to convince the rest of the world of this nonsense in a recent Newsweek article.

This is very much a losing argument. There isn't a mammal I can think of that doesn't have dramatic behavioral differences between the males and females(and very few reptiles, fish, birds, or other higher animals for that matter). Think about animals you have spent time around. Some are more similar in behavior(rabbits, cats), some are less similar in behavior(sheep, elephant seals) but in any species I can think of there are measurable differences in behavior between males and females. I even remember it being true in mice. Female mice get used more in experiments because the males fight more if kept together. Why should humans be the one and only exception to this rule?

Also in most easily measured physical traits there are sex differences in humans. Height, weight, breast size, hormone levels, body hair, it even goes all the way down the list to symptoms of heart attacks being different between the sexes. If all these physical traits show differences between the sexes, than it would be pretty damn odd if the brain was exactly the same. The simpler conclusion is that it isn't the same.

For that matter, why should parents treat girls and boys the same? if people in every society treat boys and girls differently, than there is every reason to think there is a damn good reason for their actions. Lets face it, males and females do not get held to the same standards by society. Why shouldn't we raise our children to do well at what our culture thinks they should be good at? Certainly when it comes to dating, females who act like males, and males who act like females don't do well. Why handicap your children by letting them fall into these categories?

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