Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spanish Radio

My iphone stubbornly refuses to play Audiobooks, and I really have trouble stomaching most radio stations. So I started listening to a Spanish music station. I don't speak Spanish, two years of high school Spanish taught me a few words but even a conversation using only those few words is too much for me to handle. I just can't think as fast as they can talk. I also can not understand much of what is said well enough to know whether or not i know the word.

After a few weeks of this a few interesting things have happened. First, it is a lot less annoying. Now the station I listen to plays an absurd amount of Shakira, so it isn't quite polka, but it still started out being really hard to listen to. Now I seem to constantly having Spanish songs stuck in my head and it is starting to make sense how people willingly listen to this stuff

My brain is also starting to put in gaps between words. People hear gaps between words not because they objectively exist, on an oscilloscope they can't be seen, but entirely because our brain adds them. So when I first started listening it was a jumbled mess. Now it is turning into distinct words. This means it at least is theoretically possible for me to google words until I understand what they are talking about.

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Justus said...

yo quiero shakira