Friday, February 13, 2009

Need Money to Make Money

It is amazing how when broke coming up with a way to make money is a flat out nightmare. To get these substitute teaching jobs there is one requirement after another all of them costing money. First there was the CBEST, which was like $110 to take. Then I find out that I need a TB test, which luckily I was able to get for $10, I expected it would be more. Now they want me to pay to get fingerprinted, another $71, then I have to pay the registration fee to become a substitute in California, that is another $55. I am glad I didn't wait until I was completely broke before trying to get this position. I am almost done at least, although it sounds like I will have to wait a while after I get fingerprinted for them to confirm I am not a criminal. I also need to come up with reccomendation letters for some districts, which is something I rather hate doing since everyone I could ask is busy and I am so over qualified for this position jumping through more hoops is silly.

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