Monday, August 25, 2008


My garden took quite a hit from the local critters that consistently eat all my cilantro, and larger tomatoes. Some of it at least is working out though.

They still need some luck to survive much longer, but I have a couple watermelon growing. Perhaps all I can hope for growing them in Ithaca NY. The above one is a Cream of Saskatchewan melon, below is a Blacktail Mountain.

My larger tomatoes have been decimated by the local rodents, but I seem to at least be getting Cherry Tomatoes, these are Super Sweet 100 tomatoes I bought at Lowes when some of my ones I grew from seed died..

I was able to save one White Wonder tomato and ripen it in my kitchen. Not as white as I would have hoped, but better than nothing.

Before I stopped paying attention to the fact it stopped raining my Lemon Cucumbers were doing really well. Now they are starting to die, hopefully they can bounce back though and finish producing cucumbers.

My Cayenne Peppers at least avoided the damage from pests. I was able to put them in the ground, never really water them or anything, and get 8 or so peppers from the plant. I guess that is better than average for my gardening skills. I am trying to dry them then make them into powder.

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