Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tell Me This Isn't real

Can someone read this article and convince me it is a parody of something? I cannot believe a newspaper column in a major newspaper could be so poorly thought out. By the same logic we should:

Burn corn fields to prop up the price of corn, Imprison fast food workers to try to drive up the salary they make, break windows so more people have work replacing these windows, and so on. Destroying wealth to prop up its paper value is never a good idea.

The even more funny thing is that he actually seems to believe destroying large numbers of houses wouldn’t hurt anyone. I for one am very much hurt by anything that artificially limits the supply of housing in America. It comes as close to generational and class warfare as I have seen. Help those who own houses at the expense of the young, and poor.

I hope I am just missing the joke.

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